Thomas M. Loughin

Professor and Chair

Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science

Simon Fraser University

(Formerly Professor, Department of Statistics, Kansas State University)




Statistics and Actuarial Science

Simon Fraser University

8888 University Drive

Burnaby, BC V5A 1S6





SSC K-10549






E-MAIL: tloughin "at" sfu "dot" ca

 What the heck happened in the middle???

NEWS: I have moved to the Burnaby Campus to become Chair of the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science. 

NEWS: My book, Analysis of Categorical Data with R, is now available!  The book’s website is here.  Order a copy directly from the publisher, CRC Press, or from fine merchants around the world.

My Duties include:


·       I am interested in developing Statistical Methodologies in a wide range of areas. Recent work includes:

·       Modeling categorical data, particularly the analysis of multiple response categorical data. This problem arises often in surveys where respondents are told to “mark all that apply”. Surprisingly, until recently, there were no good, established methods for modeling data of this type. Chris Bilder and I have been working on a class of models that are flexible yet easy to interpret. See Chris’s website.

·       Regression Trees.  Regression trees, as they are currently used---both alone in CART and in ensembles---are very limited tools. With my graduate students I am beginning research toward improving the structure of regression trees to make them more flexible in practical ways. These ways include sensitivity to multiple main effects and to heteroscedasticity.

·       Analysis of unreplicated experiments.  When factorial experiments are performed without replication, the analysis of factors that affect the mean is tricky. Even trickier is the analysis of factors that affect the variance. In collaboration with some others, I am working on improving inferences from unreplicated factorials.

·       Design and analysis of long-term experiments. When field trials and certain other experiments are run over a long time, they are subject to random effects due to years. Most experimental designs and analysis methods address this problem very poorly.

·       Much of my work involves some kind of resampling (either bootstrapping or permutation-based), and often studies problems involving multiple testing.

·       Collaborative Work with researchers in various areas.  Recent areas of collaboration include Interactive Arts and Technology, Developmental Medicine, Wildlife Biology, Agriculture, and Veterinary Medicine.

·       A detailed CV is available here (pdf format) .



·       While I am chair of the department, I will have reduced involvement in the SFU Surrey Statistical Consulting Centre.  Consulting services for SFU Surrey will continue to be offered by Marie Loughin.  Contact her at mloughin “at” sfu “dot” ca to arrange an appointment, or read here to find out more!

·       A full range of services, from advice to computational work, is offered to researchers both from SFU Surrey and from outside the SFU community.

·       Optionally, collaboration (co-authorship) on projects, large or small, is invited with all researchers requiring more than just basic statistical help. Examples include projects requiring substantial amounts of time or complex analyses, or potentially controversial papers for which a named statistical author might help to ease the review process.

·       Services are fee-based (rates are very competitive!). The initial visit (up to an hour) is free for researchers at SFU Surrey. Unfortunately, I cannot offer free e-mail consulting services to researchers across the planet!

·       I make it a point to communicate in clear, simple language, both in learning about a problem and in describing options for solutions. I want you to be able to understand the analyses and the results that they achieve.

·       The best time to contact me for statistical consulting is in the planning phase of the study. I can help to avert a disaster much more easily than I can help to recover from one.

·       Don’t make these mistakes!


I have taught a variety of courses:

·        Graduate Level Statistics (Modern Applied Statistics (Statistical Learning), Bootstrapping, Linear Models and Messy Data, Multiple Testing and Multiple Comparisons, Lifetime Data Analysis)

·        Upper-Level Applications Courses (Categorical Data Analysis, Design of Experiments, Applied Linear Models)

·        Service Courses (Intro to Stat, ANOVA, Regression, Intermediate Prob and Stat)


·       The SAS/IML program to perform the Loughin and Noble (1997) permutation test for unreplicated factorials is here


Details regarding my education, background, experience, and publications can be found on my
Expanded CV (pdf)

Department of Statistics Faculty

SFU Department of Statistics Homepage

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