Matthew T. Pratola

Curriculum Vitae
My current research is in the areas of Computer Experiments and Computer Model Calibration.  Most of the problems I have investigated so far have been motivated by climate models.  In particular, during 2008 I was exposed to some of the very interesting work being done at NCAR in Boulder, CO, where I collaborated with Dr. Stephan Sain of the IMAGE group.

My Ph.D. work aims to develop new contributions to the design and analysis of computer model calibration experiments.  Besides these statistical methodology interests, I am also interested in applied problems in the areas of climate science and industry (particularly automotive).

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Supervisor: Dr. Derek Bingham
Recent Collaborators: Dr. Stephan Sain

Solar wind plasma interacting with the Earth's magnetosphere.  Also known as the Aurora Borealis.  Photo taken from the Space Shuttle.  Work at NCAR involved a space weather model investigating such behaviours.  Image shamelessly stolen from here.

In a previous life I was a CS undergrad.  In those days, I worked under the supervision of Dr. Thomas Wolf on various problems related to GoTools, a program specializing in solving life & death problems in the game of  Go.  I also represented the university twice at the ACM Programming Contest and also won the Brock programming contest once.  I also organized an HPC meeting with representatives of Brock University, SHARCNET and AMD.  In my upper years, I became very interested in Statistics, and as they say, the rest is history.