Sean Michaletz wins the 2010 GEOIDE student showcase presentation prize. Click image to read more

Charmaine Dean was recognized for her contributions to science and technology by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) as a new AAAS Fellow on February 20, 2010, during the AAAS Annual Meeting in San Diego. Click image to read more

Members of the Forestry Team Organized a summer school on Spatial Statistics, hosted at the University of Western Ontario. Click image to read more

Guillaume Blanchet, a PhD student in the Dept. of Renewable Resources at the University fo Alberta, received the Queen Elizabeth II award (2009-2011). His PhD research interest is to model and understand the beta diversity of boreal forests. Click image to read more

Jed Long and Colin Robertson awarded stipends for their research on mountain pine beetle spread. Click image to read more

Nicole Barker wins NSERC Industrial Innovation Scholarship and John-A Hinman Scholarship. Click image to read more

Christian Roy was awarded a Prix Acfas - Ressources naturelles 2010 scholarship. Click image to read more

Yosune Miquelajauregui was awarded an Alexander Graham Bell scholarship. Click image to read more

Project Description

Forests are an intrinsic part of Canada and its economy and the welfare of all Canadians is intimately connected with the health of Canada's forests in many ways that are not yet fully understood.

The thrust of this proposal is the development of innovative analytic tools to aid in the study and management of Canada's forests.We will focus on forest fires, with special emphasis on the Prometheus fire growth simulation model, and on forest ecology as well as fire-ecology interactions.

Fires are a natural component of many of Canada's forested ecosystems, yet they pose a threat to public safety, property and forest resources.


The development of methods for mapping species abundance and diversity is required for forest management and conservation.


Prometheus is a spatially explicit, deterministic fire growth simulation model that provides operational and strategic assessments of fire behavior potential.