Workshop on Statistical Methods for Dynamic

Vancouver, June 4-6 2009

System Models


Differential equation models have been used in many areas of science for contributing to the understanding of complex systems evolving in time, space and other continua. However, until recently statistical resources for data fitting and model evaluation in this complex and vibrant field have been limited.

This workshop aims to foster the growing demand for research and collaboration between statisticians and dynamic systems modelers through a mixture of presentations about new statistical methods, novel applications of dynamic systems and areas in need of further collaborations. Alongside the goal of bringing together researchers from diverse areas to share current research, the workshop aims to transfer technology and cultivate new research in applied dynamics systems.

The intended audience is a mix between statisticians, dynamic systems modelers and data collectors. Along with established researchers, we hope to have a strong contingent of graduate students. This is a follow up to the MITACS and CRM sponsored Workshop on Statistical Methods for Modeling Dynamic Systems, held in Montreal 2007. That workshop was a big success in fostering communication and developing collaborations between diverse fields that traditionally have worked independently. The 2009 workshop aims to develop new collaborations by extending into areas of science under-represented in the previous workshop and to nurture existing inter-disciplinary research collaborations.

This workshop is being held immediately following the Statistical Society of Canada meeting in Vancouver. A related Workshop on Parameter Estimation for Dynamic Systems June 8-10, 2009, at EURANDOM, Eindhoven, The Netherlands.


Workshop Information

The workshop is being held immediately following the nearby Statistical Society of Canada meeting in Vancouver.


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