PhD Students

  1. Chenlu Shi, in progress
  2. Chamara Karunanayaka, in progress
  3. Rajitha Silva, in progress
  4. Ryan Lekivetz, "Optimal Factorial Designs with Robust Properties", 2011.
  5. Chunfang Lin, "New Developments in Designs for Computer Experiments and Physical Experiments", 2008.
  6. Jason Loeppky, "Ranking Non-regular Designs", 2004.
  7. Yingfu Li, "Constructions of Generalized Minimum Aberration Designs Through Hadamard Matrices and Orthogonal Arrays", University of Memphis, 2000.
  8. Debra Ingram, "The Construction of Generalized Minimum Aberration Designs By Efficient Algorithm", University of Memphis, 2000.

MSc Students

  1. Chenlu Shi, 2015
  2. Kunasekaran Nirmalkanna, 2014
  3. Vicky Weng, 2014
  4. Pei Li, "Algorithmic Search of Baseline Minimum Aberration Designs", 2011.
  5. Donghong Wu, "Searching for Optimal Orthogonal Arrays for Estimating Main Effects and Some Specified Two-factor Interactions", 2009.